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MEDIPUNKT is heading towards the prime players in the pharmaceutical league of the Czech Republic. That is the main objective of our business strategy, which is centred on activities connected with pharmacy and chemistry. Our company not only sells all the pharmaceutical products but is their main manufacturer as well. Our aim is to enrich lives of our costumers and to support sponsoring and education through our products.

MEDIPUNKT is one of the companies using an innovative approach not only towards both, the patients and physicians, but towards the products themselves. One of the examples of such an approach and solution, not only “half treatment”, as said by the marketing director Marek Botka DiS., MBA, is our product Violet, whose main purpose is to facilitate and improve the quality of human life.

MEDIPUNKT differs from its competitors not only by the strategy it uses, but also by its vision, which is to remain an important and reliable partner in the field of pharmacy in Central Europe.

MEDIPUNKT operates on the principles of indisputable quality and ethics. The customer’s satisfaction is therefore a priority for our management and staff members.

MEDIPUNKT is here for you, dear customers, to fulfil your trust and to fulfil its commitment to improving your lives through values such as ethical behaviour, assistance and growth, which keep us moving in the right direction on the journey of life.

Bc. Marek Botka, DiS., MBA

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Thanks to many positive results from our customers, we decided to expand the basic product Violet into a new line called La Femmo, which will allow you to increase the weight and change the diameter of the practice body.

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