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Terms and conditions

General Provisions

Orders made through this online store are binding without exception. Purchaser hereby confirms that they are familiar with the terms and complaint procedure, which they agree upon without reservation. The order is part of the draft contract. The contract is acquired when accepting all the goods ordered by the purchaser. By completing the registration form, or by ordering, the purchaser gives his consent to the archiving of personal data and data of his purchases. These data will be used solely internally for the internet shopping on

Product price

The prices of these goods are given under or next to its name and description. The purchase price is always considered to be the amount indicated in the catalog on the day of order confirmation. In case of a change of the purchase price the purchaser will be notified immediately. Only with the express consent of the purchaser will the order be processed further. In case of a disagreement with the product’s price, the order will be canceled. If the purchaser does not communicate his agreement to the modified price within 7 working days, the order will be considered a disagreement with the price and therefore will be canceled.

Ordering of products

Goods can be ordered through the online shop, e-mail or over the phone. To receive orders, all the required items on the form must be filled out. If the purchaser decides to change or cancel the order, he must immediately inform the seller by phone or e-mail. In case the order has already been shipped to the purchaser, the change or cancellation is not possible. Only the persons eligible can enter into the contract over the internet. Minors can enter into the contract only to the extent of their eligibility under § 9 of Commercial Code. The legal representative of the minor is responsible for any damage caused to the seller by minors under the § 422 of Commercial Code. For orders made outside of the Czech Republic, the purchaser will be notified by phone to confirm the purchase.

Delivery time

Goods that are in stock will be shipped the next business day after receiving the receipt of their order. If goods are not in stock, the delivery time will be specified by email or phone. In the case of prolonged unavailability of goods, these products may be removed from order. The purchaser will be informed in advance and will be offered an alternative product. Seller is not liable for any damages associated with delayed delivery. When paying by bank transfer, the goods will be dispatched after the full amount is credited to the account of the seller.

Payment methods

  • Cash (in person takeover)
  • Bank transfer
  • delivery

Means of transport:

  • by the prior arrangement to the address listed in your contacts
  • cash on delivery with the Czech Post
  • private carrier

Accepting the shipment

After receiving the shipment, the purchaser shall immediately check its condition and items displayed in the document, and if any irregularities occur, to contact us. Otherwise, the shipment is considered to be in order. The purchaser runs the risk that the claim for replacement of this type of the shipment will not be accepted later. All packages that may be damaged during the shipment are sent with the label "fragile". Therefore, the carrier is responsible for any damage caused during the shipment and the complaint should be addressed directly to him.

Complaint procedure

In the case of a defect on the purchased goods, you can claim, either in person (by arrangement), or by mailing them to one of the addresses listed in the contacts (but not by c.o.d.) with a copy of our document issued for the goods and cover sheet with a description of the defect. Goods will be exchanged within 30 days of delivery and by prior arrangement sent back at our expense. In case of unavailability of the type of goods you have claimed, we reserve the right to replace it with goods of corresponding parameter. The complaint procedure ends on the day the complaint is settled and the goods resent to the purchaser.

Conditions for refund of money

Goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt.

Goods must be complete, unused and capable of resale. Since it is an intimate patented tool for women, after unpacking the goods are considered used. Pay attention to the hygiene of our products.

The copy of our document issued for the goods and your comments on the reason for the withdrawal from the contract with your signature must be added.

The amount returned will only correspond with the value of returned goods. Carriage charges will not be included in this amount.

You shall receive the amount returned according to the wishes stated in your statement, either to your bank account or by mail.

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